Since the mid-1980s I have been exploring the experiences and aesthetics of Asian femininity in paintings and installations, photography and printmaking, video and film. In my more recent works, this theme has taken on a new power and vibrancy. I am currently making a new body of work to draw all of these together and to develop the ideas and images contained in the new cultural contexts of national and international politics in the twenty-first century.
Challenging stereotypical assumptions of Asian women, my work is informed by popular culture, Bollywood, fashion, found objects, the politics of femininity the celebration of feminity; self-portraiture exploring the production of my own sexuality and dynamism; the relationship between popular culture and high art; gender and identity politics.  
India Illuminated - Science Museum
Mixed media, Salon Installation, 2017

Snakes and Ladders -India Iluminated
Science Museum 2017
Tuk Tuk - India Illuminated
Science Museum 2017
India Illuminated - Science Museum
Mixed media, Installation, 2017
Cornets and Screwball go Vegas
Mixed Media, 2010
Sugar love
Oil paint and bindis on canvas, size: 400x400 2013
Singing the blues
Mixed media 2015, Life size
Mixed media on paper, size: A2, 2013
Band of Gold 2
Mixed Media, size: AO, 2013
Mixed media, size 5ft, 2013
Mixed media, size: A2-A0, 2010-2013
Black Panther
Mixed media, Size A2, 2013
Glass Boobies
Glass, life sized, 2010

Oil paint on canvas, size: A2, 2013

Aphrodisiacs socially constructed
Etching and aquatint, size: A2, 2009

You and Me
Mixed media, size: 600x280cm, 2013
Mixed Media, size: A3-A0, 2010-13

Inkjet print on paper and canvas, size: A2-A0
Into The Vortex, Out in the Open 2
Mixed Media, size: A2, 2013
Mixed media, size: A2, 2010-13
Etching 2015 size:A2
Capitalism spinning out of control
Acrylic Painting 2015 size:A1
My Body Print
1980 size:Life size
Mixed media 2015 size:A4

'The Kitchen', Wellcome Trust
On permanent display in the Wellcome Trust,  Mixed Media, size A0, 2014

Self Portrait
Mixed media, size: A2-A0, 2015
The Creature
Digital Painting, 2015
Mixed media, Installation, 2015
Mixed media, Size: A0, 2015
Bra and Glove
Etching, size: A2, 2015
Self Portrait with Lipsticks
Mixed Media, size: A4-A0, 2015
Mixed media, size: A4-A0, 2015
The harder they come
Mixed media, Size: A0 and variable, 2013
Global Fiddle
Mixed media, size: A2-A0, 2010-13
Mixed Media, size: A3-A1, 2015
Mixed media, size: A0 and variable, 2013
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My brother Ashok
Oil Pastel, size: 9.5 x 5 inches, 2010
Militant Women
 Etching, size: 1016mm x 457mm,  1981
Glass Cornet and Screwball
size: life-size, 2012
Majajani (Woman of Attitude)
Mixed Media, size: A0, 2015

All images Copyright © Chila Kumari Burman 2015